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How to Diagnose the Condition of Your Tree? 

»Posted by on Feb 12, 2021 in Tree Service | 0 comments

The initial step to save the life of your tree is to determine the problem and what causes it. In this article, we will be discussing some tips to help you check the weaknesses and requirements of your plants and how to determine the symptoms and signs that signify that your tree has a health problem. Here are the following tips for you: 

Watch out for symptoms and signs 

You can easily determine indicators of a sick tree once you get used to it. A symptom is a reaction your plant provides to diseases or pests. Your tree will let you notice traces of pest infestations. The symptoms can possibly be the pest itself or the damage done by the pest like decreased growth rates, dead fruit, and dropping leaves.  

Be familiar with your plants 

It’s much simpler to diagnose plants if you know them well first. You should be aware of what you are handling for you to know what’s usual and what’s weird for every type of plant. For some plants, having yellowing leaves could be normal, while they could also signify an issue for other species. Also, you should learn what are the specific intolerances and needs of your plants to keep it thriving and alive.  

Know the most usual tree health issues 

If you don’t know the major issues when it comes to trees, you better start reading about them for you to understand and detect the issue well. Know what pests and diseases usually affect the trees within your place and know the indicators they provide once they occur. Many trees are only impacted by a particular insect or disease, hence, you can help save a tree if you can determine the problem about it right away.  

Search for the indicators and examine the symptoms 

Some issues can be easily determined and detected. But a lot of tree health issues are not that easy to detect. Once you misdiagnose a particular issue, the infestation or disease could spread and will cost you the life of your trees. 

If you are planning to save your trees from the hazardous tree pests and diseases, now is the time to pay extra attention to the clues that your tree provides you. Determining the symptoms will provide you the upper hand to combat the disease that affects your trees. However, if you are unsure what is affecting and harming your tree, you should immediately consider looking for a reliable and trusted tree care company that offers great tree service with the help of dedicated and certified tree experts and arborists.  

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