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How to Fix Roof Leaks

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Hiring a roofing contractor is the right thing to do if your roof is leaking. He or she can check the roof’s overall structure as well as other problem areas that may cause a leak. Sometimes you can easily handle small leaks on your own. Typically, this is the case if the leak on the roof comes from a nail. You can keep water from getting into your home by simply applying a sealer.

Wet roofs tend to leak, and in most cases, this scenario is prominent in the winter. Winter will freeze all moisture that’s moving down the nails. You will find a frosted nail if you check the attic in the winter. That’s how you know which nail is causing leaks and which are not.

Other times, the roof joints are the cause of the problem and you need caulking or sealant in them, too. But you can’t rely entirely on caulk. You must stop leaks permanently. Whenever possible, replace all damaged and rusty flashing around the roof joints. However, you’re better off hiring a roofer if you’re uncomfortable doing the job on your own or if you’re not sure about the repair process.

How to Get Your Roof Fixed

In many roof repair or installation cases, contacting a skilled roofing contractor is the safest choice. That’s because most roofing contractors do with a guarantee. Then, if during the roofing installation something wrong occurs, you will be covered for the additional repairs.

If you try to fix the roof yourself, you don’t get any such guarantee. It’s true that most roofing products have a clause stating that warranties from the manufacturer are invalid if they are not installed by qualified roofers.

When you feel uneasy working on the project, you should hire a professional instead. Oftentimes, you need to get up the roof to patch a leak. You risk falling and being injured if you don’t have the proper safety gear and equipment. You will lose more money if you are sent to the hospital.

More Roof Repair Tips

Check your attic vents regularly. See if there are debris such as leaves and spider webs clogging the insulation. Debris can block the vents and cause problems to your roof. Another reason you may want to hire a professional is the fact that the job is not always limited to replacing a flashing or shingle to repair roof leaks. Sometimes, a part of the roof needs to be completely removed.

The roofing is made up of different layers, and only the topmost layer has shingles. There is also an underlayment that acts as a moisture barrier for the deck. The deck acts as the base of the roof’s other layers but it’s usually just plywood. If the deck gets wet, mold forms and the base become unstable. Weak roofing decks can cause the entire roof to collapse.

If you need Kamloops roof repairs, be sure that you only hire the experts. They are the ones that can guarantee that you’ll have a functional roof that will last you for a very long time.

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